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Backstop Research Management

Eliminate information silos and fuel the winning strategies of tomorrow.  Streamline, simplify, and succeed in your investment sourcing, evaluation and ongoing due diligence.

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Total strategic clarity

A single, dynamic platform for all of your qualitative and quantitative research content, covering all asset classes and configurable to the needs of different teams.

Optimal due diligence and compliance

Make due diligence as robust, efficient, and comprehensive as possible, with the power to track and record decision-making trajectories over time.

Backstop Research Management in action

Institutional Investors and LPs

Future-proof your investment process with a single, dynamic source of truth encompassing both quantitative and qualitative data. Backstop’s versatile, multi-asset-class research and portfolio management platform eliminates silos, enabling your teams to make well-informed investment decisions effortlessly.

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  • Banks
  • Endowments & Foundations
  • Single & Multi-Family Offices
  • Funds of Funds
  • Public & Private Pensions / Institutions

Private Fund Managers (GPs)

Discover a dynamic, adaptable platform that will truly set your firm apart. Backstop empowers you with the ultimate single source of truth, revolutionizing how you raise and retain capital, supercharge business development, and foster meaningful connections with allocators, consultants, and other participants in your universe. Unlock your firm’s full potential today.

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  • Funds of Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity, Venture Capital & Real Estate

Consultants, Advisors & OCIOs

Backstop is your trusted ally in optimizing the investment and client life cycle. Our solutions create a single source of truth for multi-asset research and portfolio management, driving prospect and client satisfaction, fostering loyalty and ensuring long-term retention. Stay ahead of the competition with Backstop’s cutting-edge solutions.

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Backstop Research Management up close

All-round efficiency

Relevant, timely and accurate information, seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow.

Multiple levels of detail

View qualitative and quantitative research data side-by-side, rolled up to the strategy level.

Works for all asset classes

Easily and intuitively configure each asset class according to its specific research management needs.

New levels of clarity

Drill down easily to the information that matters to you, while suppressing any noise.

A unified knowledge base

Eliminate information silos with a single platform that every asset class investment team can use.


Access Mercer’s institutional research and data, including forward-looking ratings, directly from Backstop.


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