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Backstop is your trusted ally in optimizing the investment and client life cycle. Our solutions create a single source of truth for multi-asset research and portfolio management, driving prospect and client satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and ensuring long-term retention. Stay ahead of the competition with Backstop’s cutting-edge solutions.

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How Backstop helps you thrive.

Consultants, Advisors & OCIOs

Backstop is the preferred partner for OCIOs and investment consultants, delivering top-tier client service and empowering excellence in both discretionary and non-discretionary services.

When you serve a diverse client base with contrasting needs, a versatile and configurable solution is vital. Backstop provides a full range of services to help you effortlessly manage research, due diligence, reporting and more – saving you time, deepening client relationships, and maximizing the accuracy and impact of your investment decisions.

Explore Backstop Data Services

The right data, right where you need it.

Streamline due diligence, document retrieval and management with automated processes

IntellX automatically retrieves crucial documents from fund source emails and portals, seamlessly connecting them to corresponding funds and investments. Unlock efficiency and empower your team with instant access to valuable resources.

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Automatically feed custodial data into Backstop

Save your team countless hours with accurate, and automatic posting of custodian data. It’s never been easier to safeguard your assets, reconcile returns and harness real-time insights to drive your decisions. 

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Put vital fund admin data at your team’s fingertips

Set the stage for transparent, truly first-class investor service with performance reporting, capital activity, and investor balance information automatically loaded into Backstop.

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Digitize and streamline form-based due diligence

Our new integration enriches your form-gathering process for faster, more efficient portfolio monitoring, research management and investment due diligence.  

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Power your data strategy with our APIs for an efficient and streamlined approach to data management.  

Empower your in-house developers to integrate Backstop securely with a range of mission-critical systems, third-party applications, and external reporting engines, using robust, specially licensed REST APIs. 

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Gain a wealth of comprehensive insights into hedge funds and industry trends

Use our market leading platform to access instant, valuable proprietary research on portfolio management and performance assessment for hedge funds, CTAs, UCITS funds, and alternative investment vehicles.

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