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The average alternative investment manager, according to our new survey of investor relations and business development professionals, works 52 hours each week. To anybody in this high-pressure, ever changing industry, those long hours are likely no surprise. But, as investor relations and business development professionals push beyond the limits of traditional 9-to-5 workdays, they may also want to ensure that they’re spending their hours on the right things.

And that’s what our survey of more than 100 BD and IR professionals set out to answer: Do BD/IR professionals believe they are using their hours productively on the tasks they deem to be the most valuable, or are they squandering an inordinate amount of time on less strategic work?

Our goal with this survey was to understand how much time BD/IR professionals are spending on core business development and investor relations tasks versus other non-core tasks to identify opportunities for improvement in their day-to-day working lives. In other words, are they making time work for them or against them, and is there room for improvement?

Download the report to find out what insights we gleaned.

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