The industry standard tool for investment managers and institutional asset owners.

Backstop offers the industry-leading, cloud-based productivity suite to funds of funds, pensions, endowments, foundations, investment consultants, family offices, hedge funds, and private equity firms.

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The institutional investment industry relies on Backstop.

We help our clients in the institutional investment industry maximize their time by removing barriers in their everyday work.

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“Backstop is very customizable…the client/marketing team has been able to build out our instance and do a lot with it. The support team is very responsive. The report builder has been extremely useful for our client team, and the ETK function even more so.”

- Katie Carroll

“Backstop has been a great solution for our firm and working with Backstop has been a great experience since the very beginning.”

- Jono Swanson

“Backstop allows us to maintain the organization’s memory. Turnover is an unavoidable truth in any institution. As people go, they take with them crucial knowledge. Backstop is how we can mitigate this…the system helps to keep track of all the conversations we have and all the people we have them with.”

- Mark Montoya

“I have used several other systems in my days and this one is by far the best, most tailored to the asset management industry and with the most user-friendly features.”

- Julie Platt Smith

“Breadth of functionality. Quality of customer service. Strong focus on innovation, product improvement, and customer needs.”

- Rip Mecherle

“Backstop is very user-friendly, intuitive, and has broad functionality. It is not just a great platform for contact information and a repository for all client engagement, but also useful in marketing campaign management and identifying suitable targets. In addition, the support provided is professional, informed, and readily available to assist with functionality of the platform.”

- Rod Baker

We believe the opposite of efficiency is complexity. To us at Backstop, barriers and backtracking are fatal to getting things done. So when we see labyrinths where there should be thoroughfares and mazes where there should be highways, we do something about it.

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White Paper: Building a Repeatable Predictable & Sustainable Capital Raising & Retention Machine

Explore our library of white papers, case studies, and other resources to learn more about how Backstop helps you connect the dots and build bridges.

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