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Supercharge your investment process with Backstop’s flexible platform: elevate multi-asset research, turbocharge portfolio management, and unleash innovation. 

Institutional Investors and LPs we serve:


Today’s banks face a range of operational, data and compliance challenges, often compounded by legacy technology. Backstop innovates to meet those needs head-on. 

Revamp due diligence and research by streamlining, aggregating, analyzing, and sharing data and recommendations across teams. Automate data collection, align investments with fiduciary needs and enable agile decision-making with comprehensive tracking and real-time reporting. 


Endowments & Foundations

The quest for higher returns means non-stop consideration of new asset classes, including private funds. This heightens the need for transparency and accountability. 

Backstop revolutionizes investment management for foundations and endowments with a seamless solution for due diligence, research, multi-asset portfolio allocation and reporting. Level up insights with integrated custodian data and automate fund document collection for due diligence with our game-changing service IntellX.

Funds of Funds

Amid fierce competition, funds of funds must connect with investors, attract and retain assets and promote sustainability, all while maximizing operational excellence. 

Backstop empowers you to meet front-andback-office operational needs with a singlepoint platform for portfolio management, research management, capital raising, investor relations and more. Elevate your data strategy with fund admin, custodian data automation, and due diligence documents.

Public & Private Pensions / Institutions

Pension sponsors are constantly looking to create better returns and fulfill fiduciary responsibility to their members. The pressure of doing more with less is real. 

Backstop centralizes your institutional knowledge to transform due diligence, multi-asset research and portfolio management. Access next-level insights with automated custodian data, while automating document due diligence with IntellX.  

Single & Multi-Family Offices

Because all family offices are unique, an agile solution is needed to help investment teams safeguard and grow wealth. 

Unlock success with information and insights. Backstop’s family office solutions optimize research and portfolio management, promoting collaboration and transparency while reducing complexity and enhancing decision-making. 

Explore Backstop Data Services

The right data, right where you need it.

Streamline due diligence, document retrieval and management with automated processes

IntellX automatically retrieves crucial documents from fund source emails and portals, seamlessly connecting them to corresponding funds and investments. Unlock efficiency and empower your team with instant access to valuable resources.

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Automatically feed custodial data into Backstop

Save your team countless hours with accurate, and automatic posting of custodian data. It’s never been easier to safeguard your assets, reconcile returns and harness real-time insights to drive your decisions. 

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Digitize and streamline form-based due diligence

Our new integration enriches your form-gathering process for faster, more efficient portfolio monitoring, research management and investment due diligence.  

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Power your data strategy with our APIs for an efficient and streamlined approach to data management.  

Empower your in-house developers to integrate Backstop securely with a range of mission-critical systems, third-party applications, and external reporting engines, using robust, specially licensed REST APIs. 

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Gain a wealth of comprehensive insights into hedge funds and industry trends

Use our market leading platform to access instant, valuable proprietary research on portfolio management and performance assessment for hedge funds, CTAs, UCITS funds, and alternative investment vehicles.

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