A private equity, private equity real estate, or venture capital firm’s deal team is in ceaseless motion: they are constantly exploring, researching, and assessing potential investment opportunities. A flood of information pours in every day and all of it must be evaluated and weighed. During the course of each year, hundreds to thousands of opportunities are assessed — but only a handful actually make it through the deal funnel and are selected for investment.

As a deal team member, you have to have confidence in your investment process. Your goal is to identify the best investment opportunities that will drive the greatest return for your firm. You need to make those decisions efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. That means you cannot afford to miss attractive opportunities, overlook information that could impact an investment recommendation, or be inefficient with your time. In addition, you need to coordinate activities and share data with your fellow deal team members to maximize your firm’s overall performance.

Manual methods of deal management take up valuable time and energy that could be better put into executing on your firm’s investment strategy. What you may not know is that your firm currently has a solution in place that you can use to significantly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in managing deal flow and making better investment decisions.