Consultants, Advisors, & OCIOs

As a consultant or OCIO, you face multiple challenges: allocating adequate time to research management, providing timely responses to auditors and regulatory boards, demonstrating the efficacy of investment and operational due diligence processes to clients, and in general, keeping pace with rapid business growth.

Backstop provides essential tools for research management, portfolio management, and client portal access from one productivity platform, all while enabling collaboration, boosting transparency and risk mitigation, and safeguarding your intellectual capital. With Backstop, you can provide the quality investment service your clients increasingly demand, and make the most of your valuable time.

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Research Management


Backstop provides the tools you need to streamline processes and make the most of your time.

  • Evaluate and monitor managers using powerful performance analytics tools.
  • Mitigate risk during audits and other oversight and manage due diligence through a centralized database.
  • Tag and share key documents in a timely manner.
  • Inform research through automatic database feeds.
  • Instantly share research and performance data, driving transparency.
Portfolio Management


Backstop provides centralized tools that enable you to efficiently track and monitor internal or client investments.

  • Monitor subscriptions and redemptions in multiple currencies.
  • Manage capital commitment structures and model cash flow projections.
  • Track and report on complex liquidity terms, calculations, and scenarios on behalf of clients.
  • Analyze current internal or client investments and monitor asset allocation.
Client Relations


Backstop allows you to efficiently track and report on client activity, liquidity, and performance data.

  • Track individual subscriptions and redemptions for clients.
  • Monitor client performance and compare with benchmarks.
  • Manage client liquidity and redemption and notice dates.


Contact and Activity Management

With Backstop, you can track documentation and drive more effective communication through a centralized system.

  • Track and share notes, meetings, calls, and documents.
  • Automatically synchronize contacts using Outlook® integration.
  • Access contacts and share information with Backstop Mobile.
  • Search all archived legal and standard documentation using keywords.
  • Send unlimited email distributions through the email center.
  • Integrate compliance into workflow using auto-archiving and watermarking sensitive documents.
Backstop Portal for Increased Transparency

Increase transparency and demonstrate value to your clients with a securely integrated Portal.

  • Track downloads to understand relevancy and business drivers into what your clients really care about.
  • Provide notes and ratings on managers in a secure, compliant manner.
  • Securely distribute fund documents and your proprietary research to clients and other stakeholders.
  • Provide insight into research and due diligence.
  • Monitor downloads and page views for compliance reporting.
  • Monetize expense by offering clients different levels of access.

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