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Winning the Capital-Raising Race

By Backstop Author

Capital raising for your firm is an involved and drawn out process. While a new investor may be signed on in as little as six months, the more typical time spent engaging with a prospective investor is a twelve- to eighteen-month marathon. As the head of Business Development, you need to coach your team through the race, helping them to keep focused, stay on track, and apply their energies where it will matter most. To do that, you need data, analytics, and insights – and you need them in real-time.

The problem, of course, is that you can’t get the information you need in real-time. There is always a delay. The delay may be caused by having to export data to Excel, or by the need to pull data together from separate applications such as Tableau or Power BI. A generic CRM might delay you because it does not align well with your workflow. Whatever the cause of the delay, the net result is that you are not able to coach your team as effectively as you want – and that means wasted efforts and missed opportunities.

Backstop helps you coach your team to peak effectiveness and gives you an edge on the competition with Capital-Raising Dashboards. Capital-Raising Dashboards deliver the real-time data, analytics, and insights you need to make the decisions that will help your team win.

By using Capital-Raising Dashboards, you can answer operational questions such as:

  • Who are my top capital raisers?
  • What regions are we most successful in?
  • Which deals have we won or lost?

Capital-Raising Dashboards also help you answer strategic questions, including:

  • What types of investors do we have the most success with for each product line?
  • What types of new products have the most demand?
  • Where are our best introductions coming from?

In developing our Capital-Raising Dashboards, we kept our focus entirely and exclusively on you and what you need to manage your team. That is why our Capital-Raising Dashboards give you:

  • Full self-service configuration capabilities … no submitting tickets and waiting weeks for development teams to code a report or dashboard that you want.
  • A single source of truth … without having to jump back and forth between platforms.
  • Painless, on-the-fly report generation … no waiting until tomorrow or next week.
  • Quick, intuitive access to real-time KPIs … so you aren’t acting on stale data.
  • Flexibility of visualization tools … with no limit on how you can slice and dice data by factors such as geography, expected close data, opportunity stage, and probability.

The last thing you want as head of Business Development is to watch in frustration as your team struggles to complete the race. With Backstop’s Capital-Raising Dashboards, you will have the right data at the right time presented in the right way to confidently coach your team to a strong finish … and find them ready and eager for the start of the next race.

Every head of business development needs to answer these questions and that’s why we built capital raising dashboards. To save a copy of these important questions for your reference, download the complimentary white paper that goes more in depth on the topic, “10 Questions Every Head of BD Needs Answers to… PRONTO.”

By Backstop Author