Backstop Solutions, an award-winning data and technology provider, delivers the infrastructure and investment platform family office CIOs need to achieve operational excellence and meet long-term objectives. By providing a central repository for all organizational, process, and investment data, Backstop supplies complete transparency and visibility anywhere and anytime, and ensures the continuity of institutional knowledge.

Robust capabilities streamline portfolio, research, deal, and liquidity management. This strengthens the investment team’s ability to manage multi-asset class investments, investor relationships, and portfolio performance, as well as conduct due diligence on existing and potential managers.

Configurable report-building capabilities allow both qualitative and quantitative data to be combined and visualized to support agile decision-making. Overall, our scalable, tightly-integrated software solution enables the CIO and investment team to increase their efficiency, provide clarity to family members, and continue to manage and grow assets for the future.

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