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Allocators insights on ESG

At Backstop, we know ESG is a hot topic because we’ve been approached by both allocators and managers about it. Allocators want to know what other allocators are doing to track ESG. And managers are wondering which ESG metrics allocators are collecting — everything from carbon emissions and energy efficiency to supply chain resilience and business ethics—and how they’re actually gathering it.

We know that ESG metrics on public portfolios are easier to get, but not so with private portfolios. And the queries we were fielding from allocators and managers triggered some questions of our own about private portfolios:

– Are allocators tracking ESG metrics on private portfolios?
– If they are, which metrics are they tracking?
– Which metrics do they have the hardest time getting?
– How have the metrics changed over time?

So we went to the industry for some answers, surveying 131 allocators about ESG tracking and metrics. What we learned was surprising, especially considering the headlines about the rise of ESG. Download the report to find out what insights we gleaned.

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