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Easy-to-use platform incorporating all the necessary tools to manage relationships, fundraising, deal flow, capital accounts, and portfolio reporting from one centralized location.  Our scalable, on-demand software provides the flexibility to support multiple business models and investment types while structuring a myriad data points to drive optimized business decisions.

Deal Management


Backstop combines data, document, reporting, and pipeline tools to institutionalize the investment decision process.

  • Monitor the progression of investment Deal Flow through the pipeline.
  • Ensure the collection of all the data points that are required to inform the investment decision.
  • Run analytics to understand which deal source relationships are most productive and which are wasting time.
  • Automatically produce briefing books, formatted and ready to submit to investment committees.
  • Optimize your team’s efficacy by reducing laborious tasks while automating internal reporting.
Investor Relations


Backstop's sophisticated investor relationship management tools allow fund managers to consolidate all of their LPs' qualitative and quantitative data into one centralized database.

  • Track LP balances, along with commitments and percent unfunded, at both the individual and fund level.
  • Analyze LP and fund performance metrics, such as IRR, multiples, and PME's.
  • Create and distribute personalized call notices and statements.


Backstop's fundraising capabilities allow for easy tracking and maintenance of pipelines and associated activities during the capital raising cycle.

  • Manage interest levels, investor types and investment probabilities with a sales tool designed specifically for fund managers.
  • Build e-mail distribution lists and send unlimited e-mail blasts with watermarked attachments.
  • Save time and energy while scheduling road shows by using Backstop’s trip planning features.
  • Easily create and share pipeline reports to measure sales effectiveness.
Client Relationship Management


Backstop's powerful CRM creates the perfect foundation for tracking all contacts and related interactions.

  • Track and share notes, meetings, calls and documents pertaining to limited partners and portfolio companies.
  • Sync e-mails, contacts and calendars with Backstop’s Outlook® integration.
  • Gain a better understanding of a network’s interconnectivity by linking contacts through relationships.
  • Build activity reports and lists by location, relationship strength, or other attributes.
Portfolio Management

Backstop is the ultimate portfolio management software solution that enables the tracking and monitoring of investments.  It provides a centralized model management process that enables new financial models to be introduced or updated in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Quickly evaluate your portfolio across any relevant attribute or against provided benchmarks.
  • Use the provided dashboards to understand risk exposure, IRRs, multiples and more.
  • Gain detailed visibility into outstanding commitments and upcoming capital requirements..
Asset Monitoring

From the introduction of a potential acquisition through the entire investment lifecycle, Backstop supports the complete process.

  • Leverage Backstop Portal to create deal rooms unique to the opportunity.
  • Monitor and report on the internal due diligence process.
  • Create asset tear sheets for consideration by the investment committee or to utilize in quarterly reporting.
  • Use customizable transactions to maintain valuations as well as cost basis, return of capital and capital gain records, while the platform maintains the latest performance calculations.
  • All asset-related documents (e.g. leases, inspections, contracts, loan docs) can live in the system and be easily tagged and retrieved.
Backstop Portal

The Backstop Portal provides a secure and branded outlet for investor documents distribution, prospect marketing and deal rooms. Additionally, the portal’s technology is capable of adjusting the portal layout for maximum utility on mobile devices. Importantly, the Backstop Portal is securely and tightly integrated with the Backstop CRM, Research, and Portfolio Management services.

  • Track downloads of materials to gain insight into relevancy and business drivers.
  • Securely distribute fund documents to LPs, investors, and clients.
  • Post fund performance and benchmarks and provide insight into investment research and due diligence.
  • Monitor document downloads and page views for full compliance reporting.

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