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Backstop is the leading all-in-one productivity suite for funds of funds, who operate as both asset managers and asset allocators.  We provide truly configurable and comprehensive software empowering funds of funds to meet their front- and back-office operational needs, including portfolio management, research management, capital raising, investor relations, and more.



Make even unplanned interactions feel planned with the information you need at your fingertips



Turn information into insights with qualitative and quantitative data in one centralized platform



Scale growth while controlling operational costs with a single source of truth that helps your team make the most of their time

Solution Brief for Funds of Funds


Read more about Backstop's software delivers operational efficiency for funds of funds coupled with the agility needed to meet competitive market demands.



Learn how Backstop equips this global fund of funds to deliver even greater value to their clients and optimize their operational efficiencies.



Backstop’s outstanding CRM, investor relations, and capital-raising capabilities, coupled with a dynamic, secure investor portal, ensure that every interaction you have with prospects and investors drives satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Choose Backstop solutions for your Fund of Funds business development/IR team - because every investor touchpoint matters.

Backstop CRM

Backstop's powerful CRM creates the perfect foundation for tracking all contacts, clients, prospects, and managers – both prospective and allocated. Funds of funds can leverage the centralized database to gain a better understanding of a network’s interconnectivity by linking contacts through relationships and associated parties, increasing efficiency, productivity, and revenue.


Backstop’s capital-raising capabilities empower fund managers to easily track and manage all associated activities during the capital-raising cycle. With a solid foundation for tracking all contacts and related interactions, business development teams can gain real-time insights into pipelines and better manage interest levels, investor types, and investment probabilities.

Backstop IR

Backstop’s Investor Relations platform allows hedge funds to track and report on investor account activity, liquidity, and performance data. Plus, with a centralized database, Backstop bridges the information communications gap between finance, operations, and investor relations teams.

Backstop Investor Portal

Backstop Investor Portal is the ideal solution for securely distributing account, fund, research, and marketing documents to LPs, investors, and prime brokers. The portal tracks document downloads and page views for full compliance reporting.

Optimize your research, liquidity, and portfolio management – all while enabling collaboration, boosting transparency, enhancing risk mitigation, and safeguarding intellectual capital.

Backstop Research Management

Backstop combines data, document management, and reporting tools to streamline research processes and make the most of every minute. Powerful performance analytics efficiently evaluate and monitor managers using both qualitative and quantitative data.

Backstop Portfolio Management

Backstop’s portfolio management solution enables monitoring and reporting on current investments, allocations, liquidity fund performance, and more. Funds of funds can easily analyze manager and portfolio performance, manager and strategy attribution, portfolio exposures, and more.

Funds of Funds operations teams need to support both front- and back-office data needs. Whether it's getting your fund admin data or your due diligence communications into Backstop, we have solutions that support automated, straight-through processing, freeing you to focus on higher-value activities.

Backstop Custodian Connect

Backstop Custodian Connect combines custodian data collection, validation, and reconciliation tools to automate and optimize your custodial intake process. With accurate, real-time data at your fingertips, you can ensure your investments stay on track.

Backstop IntellX

No more manual fetching, downloading, and uploading your manager communications. Take advantage of AI-driven, straight-through processing of fund documents and transactions into Backstop.

Backstop Integrator

Backstop Integrator empowers fund of funds to track and access information across multiple applications from within the Backstop platform. With complete data always at hand, collaboration is simplified and insights are readily available, leading to informed decisions that drive positive outcomes.

Backstop Admin Connect

Backstop Admin Connect delivers accurate, timely data into the Backstop platform that – combined with our powerful Report Builder – delivers actionable insights. Funds of Funds IR teams gain immediate access to Performance Reporting, Capital Activity, and Investor Balance information, helping them focus on strategic objectives.

Backstop BarclayHedge

For Funds of Hedge Funds looking to source new hedge funds, Backstop's acquisition of BarclayHedge puts the industry's highest-quality source of alternative data at your fingertips. Backstop BarclayHedge also offers comprehensive data on Funds of Funds for more effective peer group analysis and competitive benchmarking.

Prebuilt Integrations

Backstop works with the industry's most trusted data providers to bring their data into our platform, where you can access it at your fingertips for streamlined workflows. These include Preqin, HFR, HFM, BarclayHedge, MercerInsight, MSCI, EurekaHedge, and more.

Backstop Accounting establishes a single source of truth for all accounting and portfolio data, streamlining accounting processes and mitigating operational, fiduciary, and investment risks.

Backstop Accounting

Backstop Accounting provides easy access to accounting and performance data for all asset classes, facilitates the management of partnership and portfolio activity across complex entity structures, and supports best practices for multi-asset class, multi-currency partnership, and portfolio accounting.

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