We’ve Amped Up Our Integration with Preqin

Do you ever wonder how your fellow fund managers keep up with their clients? With so many changes in today’s organizations, it’s easy to lose track, isn’t it? You scout new prospects. You identify the decision makers. You zero in on the points of influence. Who has time to file multiple reports and monitor all this information in multiple places? 

Wouldn’t it be great to get the up-to-date information you need and serve your investors better?

Backstop & Preqin Consolidated Reporting

We’ve always had integration with Preqin, but now it’s amped up. On steroids. It’s now integration with Preqin 2.0. Now, you can prove your worth to potential investors by being prepared.

  • Integrate investor data right into Backstop.
  • Combine Preqin fields with Backstop standard and custom fields.
  • Create contacts en masse with single uploads.
  • Link multiple existing contacts in Backstop to Preqin.

Give yourself and your team the ability to focus on the most relevant data at the most crucial moment. Comprehensive reporting is no longer a fantasy. It’s already here. Stay relevant in this fast-paced market and get Backstop Integration with Preqin functionality today.    




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