Onward and Upward with Backstop’s New UI/UX

The institutional investment industry has seen a massive shift in investor and client dynamics, resulting in an equally monumental shift in the demands placed on your teams. Shifts of this magnitude usually occur over the course of a generation, but they have transpired in the span of just a few quarters during the course of the pandemic, changing how we all work – and perhaps permanently. To best support you through this dramatic change, Backstop has set out to help you succeed with an all-new user interface and user experience (UI/UX). ...To give you a glimpse of this new UI/UX, let’s take a look through the lens of some notable events from the past year!

Getting users unstuck – fast.
Remember the container ship that blocked the Suez Canal? Of course you do – it stopped 12 percent of global trade each and every day. How often do you get stuck and lose 12 percent of your day because you’ve got a question or a problem and no answer?

Getting unstuck in Backstop is now a piece of cake because we’re bringing help directly to you. We’ve incorporated an in-app “Help” assistant so you can get answers and solutions fast. No need to log into a separate support site or call our client care team (though we are always here if you need one-on-one assistance). You’ll get instant access to articles and FAQs for self-service, and the ability to submit a request directly with a click of a button.

Engaging in architectural renovations.
With all the time we’ve had working remotely for the past year and a half, Home Depot and Lowe’s have been raking in the sales– and the home renovation craze shows no signs of slowing down.

We did the same thing at Backstop, reimagining the user experience and incorporating your recommendations into improving our architecture and layout. For instance, our brand-new entity navigation bar gives you the fastest path to critical information. Plus, the navigation bar is persistent, collapsible and expandable, enabling you to easily click to a desired view, regardless of where you may be at the moment.

Taking on a whole new look.
Our homes haven’t been the only thing under renovation; a lot of people have taken advantage of exercise equipment and personalized training services to get in shape and avoid – or shed - the “quarantine 15.”

Likewise, the Backstop platform has undergone a large-scale visual makeover. Our productivity palette has been re-constructed to elevate the information you need to respond to items like open tasks, strategic opportunities, and stage changes on funds. We're going page by page, entity by entity, and finding every opportunity to bring you fresh insight. This transformation is our biggest overhaul ever and will reintroduce you to your information like you've never seen it before.

Arranging a data reunion.
This year, seventeen years after the sitcom aired its last episode, Friends got back together. And, let’s face it, they belong together more than they belonged apart.

Data is often like that – certain types of data just belong with other types. They are better together. And in just a few short months, we're bringing together Activity in an epic reunion of its own. Imagine your calendar, your email, and your notepad integrated into a unified view so that all activity is truly 100 percent searchable, filterable, and scannable. We're optimizing for speed and access to the information that's going to move you forward, and we’re doing it in a way that best fits your working style.


Providing the big picture.
Bob Ross, as the documentary on his life shows, brought us happy clouds and majestic mountains. Of course, there are also shadows in his paintings.

Like Bob, you need to see the whole picture, both sunlight and shadows. So, welcome to our new intelligence dashboards: fully-configurable dashboards offering over 16 unique visuals across an ever-increasing number of datasets. You can look at your research pipeline, your investor pipeline, your activity, your interactions, and more to get a full grasp of performance.

Offering a view from space.
We have seen quite a space race this year, with billionaires blasting off left and right. The view from space is amazing and provides an important perspective and a holistic picture of what is happening on the ground.

Taking a similar philosophy, we're incorporating standard dashboards into the Backstop experience to give you visibility at a higher level. Whether you want to glean insight on your portfolio or you want to get a summary view of your mix of investors and the types of accounts that make up your products, these dashboards are curated to give you timely and relevant KPIs and charts that highlight point-in-time information as well as historical trends.


Removing constraints.
What would the year have been like without drama of the #FreeBritney movement? It looks like the constraints of her conservatorship are finally going to be lifted.

If there are things that are controlling your routines or exerting a little too much constraint on you, you might feel the need for freedom, too. And you can get it with a whole new generation of automation solutions from Backstop.

We’ve reached the end of this post, but not the end of all we’ve done and will be doing to make Backstop better than ever and help you make the most of every minute.

As we say at Backstop, “Onward ho!”




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