Our 2nd Women Supporting Women in Financial Services Event

While the financial services industry has certainly made great strides toward gender equality in recent years, there’s clearly still work to be done. At Backstop, we’ve long been committed to empowering women, and providing the support and opportunities that empower them to reach their goals. Our upcoming event is part of that commitment.

Women Supporting Women in Financial Services – Let's Lean In Together, will be held September 28th, 2017 at the W Hotel in New York. The evening event will include important discussions of best practices, personal experiences, and strategies for success. We’ll also be hosting an impressive panel, including:

  • Rachael Levy, Senior Finance Reporter, Business Insider
  • Susan Mays, Partner, AIM
  • Angela Roseboro, Former CDO, T. Rowe Price
  • Susan Webb, Founder/CEO/CIO, Appomattox
  • Vanessa Van Brunt, Author, "From The Street To The Street"

We’re extremely proud to announce our keynote speaker:

  • Bina Kalola, Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
As a corporate venture capital investor at one of the country’s largest financial institutions, Bina offers a unique perspective on the challenges women in financial services face.

Her many accomplishments include a BA from Barnard College at Columbia University, a law degree from Georgetown University, the founding of a successful startup company, and experience in both corporate law and finance. She currently serves on several boards.

Bina’s keynote is certain to include invaluable insights on confronting and conquering the many challenges women in finance still face today. She’ll offer a personal take on the approaches and strategies that have helped her become one of the most accomplished and respected women in the industry today.

Bina’s keynote is an ideal complement to what’s sure to be an informative, insightful, and enjoyable evening. Join us now! 

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