Look, We’re Really Changing (Our User Experience, That Is!)

We heard you: “Finding and entering data shouldn’t be torture.” The latest stage of our journey to re-invent the Backstop user experience focuses on four key features of the platform: Entity Activity View, Page Templates, Field Displays on Entities, and Report Displays.  

You’re going to love what we’ve done (if you aren’t excited, check your pulse beating-heart_1f493), resulting in: 

  • Less time finding data, giving you more time to review, analyze, and digest information. 
  • Less time and mistakes in data entry, enabling you to invest in the work that matters most. 
  • Less friction and frustration, allowing you to relax and have more fun at your job. 

Surface Information in Seconds  

People joke that whenever you are looking for something, you find it in the last place you look. But at Backstop, we make it easy to find the information you need in the first place you look with our enhanced Dynamic Entity Activity View.  

Now, you can surface information in seconds from emails, notes, meetings, and activities through robust filtering and free text search. For example, a CIO can set filters to view market commentary, the legal team can instantly gather NDAs for review, and a manager can search on a specific topic such as “ESG.”  

Not only is searching for information faster, but you can configure a view that is specific to your role and requirements and save it for future use or make it your default view. This keeps the information you need at your fingertips at all times.



Enter and Understand Data Faster  

Enriched Field Displays on Entities helps you understand and update information quickly and easily. We have:  

  • Removed unnecessary boards to provide more space and let the data shine.  
  • Streamlined inputs so there is no more second-guessing where or how to enter data. 
  • Highlighted editable fields to make data entry hassle-free. (And dare we say...FUN?) 
  • Enabled smart data amount field entry that populates commas to eliminate counting zeros.  
  • Provided for quick selection/de-selection of multiple items from dropdown menus with no need to CTRL-click.  
  • Optimized the calendar to allow date selection by day, month, or year.  

With a cleaner look and heightened readability on both laptop and tablet, you can consume information swiftly and smoothly. 



Focus on the Content that Matters to You 

You are under a constant barrage of data. To be efficient, you need to focus on the content that matters most to you. Our revitalized Page Templates help you do that.  

We have completely revamped Email Templates, Message of the Day, Tasks, Recent Events, and the Calendar display. With a clean table format, sort indicators, and highlighted editable fields, it is easier than ever to select and work with the content you use every day.  

It is also easier to prioritize information. For example, you can add new tasks with visual tag indicators making it easier to identify where work needs to get done and to focus your activity with new abilities to expand and collapse content on pages with a simple click.  



Explore and Consume Information Readily  

Data that cannot be easily explored gets ignored. Our enhanced Report Displays let your information speak for itself, ensuring that no data gets ignored and accelerating your time to insight.  

You are now able to quickly scan, review, and digest the data you care about most by using convenient action buttons and filters and expanding or collapsing content to focus on what is most important. All reports are displayed in an attractive, laptop- and tablet-friendly table format.



Most people say they’ll change, but they don’t mean it. But we do...and we did! If you’re an existing client and want to learn more about what’s coming to a Backstop instance near you, contact your Backstop representative.




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