GTIS Provides Superior Support for Major Institutional Investors

With offices across the world, GTIS has a significant presence in both the United States and Brazil. Managing close to 60,000 residential units in major home building markets in the U.S., including the Southeast and Southwest, their combined value exceeds $10 billion.

In Brazil - where the company first began investing in 2005 – GTIS is one of the largest real estate private equity investors.

So how does a rapidly growing company like GTIS make client service a priority and accountable to the highest standards? By relying on people like Maria Szabo. And she relies on Backstop Solutions.

Maria’s Story

When Maria started at GTIS in late 2011, her arrival coincided with GTIS adopting Backstop as a CRM solution.

Having been burned before by CRMs “written by people who’ve never used a CRM system and don’t know what people use it for”, she was skeptical. But with an online manual written in an “understandable language” and customer support help desk that was “actually good”, Maria changed her tune.

Over eight years later, Backstop has been an indispensable tool for GTIS, with Maria as one of its most active users.

GTIS (And Maria) Get more out of Backstop

With the help of Backstop, GTIS has virtually automated their client statements process and a job that once meant a late night for Maria now could be done in a fraction of the time. This also puts her in an even better position to serve clients and other parties. She’s now able to track and manage accounts with varying levels of security permissions down to the document level, as well as keep up with any changes, saving time and minimizing pressure.

In addition to saving Maria’s sanity, GTIS has also managed to keep hiring costs down since they would have to hire at least two more people to handle the workload Backstop helps alleviate.

Another aspect Maria appreciates is the collaborative, confident, and optimistic relationship she has forged with Backstop support.

“There’s no reason to consider support Backstop’s secret weapon because it’s right there for everyone to take advantage of.”

– Maria Szabo, VP, Client Services, GTIS Partners

To read more about how GTIS professionalized and automated their data collection and distribution with Backstop, download their full success story.




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