Four New Innovations Coming Your Way

Let's face it - when you're the "Project Sponsor," the "Power User," or the "Local Admin" for software your organization uses, you magically become the single source for any help required, and all changes and configurations that need to be made in that software. You can expect to be called upon for everything from changing a username or resetting a password to creating a client-configured layout of fields specific to your organization. That means you spend precious minutes working on administrative tasks, instead of doing the jobs actually associated with your title.

Stop Losing Time Managing your CRM:

As part of our commitment to being the most agile productivity suite for our clients, we’ve developed four innovations that will help you make the most of each minute.

  1. Manage Lists System Tool - The Manage Lists System Tool allows you to easily view all of your reusable and single-use lists. Now, with just a single tool, you can edit any existing list, or create a new list.
  2. List-Editing Capabilities – Admins can now edit lists in multiple ways. You can change a list from single-use to reusable, edit, add and remove list values, and sort an entire list any way you choose.
  3. Client-Configured Field Management - When managing your custom layouts, you are also able to edit your list, instead of returning to the system tool, allowing for quick access and increased efficiency.
  4. Single-Use vs. Reusable Lists – Finally, not every list you create will need to be reusable. Now, you can separate your list types, reducing the amount of clutter in your system tool. Backstop's Reusable Lists help reduce operational overhead Local Administrators encounter by providing a single tool to create a list of values to be used by any client-configured field in the system. With Reusable Lists, you can easily create a single list, change the sort order, edit, add, or remove list values, and ensure all fields using the list remain consistent from a single page.

With Backstop’s latest platform enhancements, you can accomplish more admin tasks in less time, and get back to what you really want to be doing - your job.




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