Every Investor Touchpoint Matters

As an investor relations (IR) professional, fumbling a call with an investor is one of your worst nightmares. It does not matter whether the call was planned or unplanned – you want to delight your investors with an outstanding experience. Your goal is that every conversation and communication should exceed their expectations. That is how you build client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Nothing else will suffice because every investor touchpoint matters.  

To deliver the world-class service your investors expect and deserve, you and your IR team need to have ready access to a holistic view of investor data, including up-to-date account information, balances, and transactions, plus any notes or relevant history for your investors. Without it, you are always in danger of having to end a call with your least-favorite words: “I’ll need to get back to you on that.” 

The dilemma, of course, is that acquiring, entering, validating, and confirming investor relations data is both time-consuming and cumbersome. Your IR team may not have the bandwidth to handle the flood of fund information – after all, their primary job is providing great service, not entering data.  

Backstop resolves this dilemma through Backstop Admin Connect, a solution that automatically delivers your fund administration data directly into Backstop where it is easily accessible to you and your team. Once in Backstop, the platform produces return and risk statistics alongside benchmarks and other information specific to each investor. Through Backstop Admin Connect, you can

  • Arm your Investor Relations team with timely quality data 
  • Access all information specific to each investor within a single source of truth  
  • Improve operational efficiency and enjoy cost savings 
  • Increase historical data integrity  
  • Gain actionable insights to better serve your investors 



With performance reporting, capital activity, and investor balance information instantly available at all times, unplanned interactions run as smoothly as planned investor ones. You will never have to say, “I’ll need to get back to you.” Instead, you will always be able to affirm, “Yes, I can get that information for you right now.” And that is the key to client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention... because every investor touchpoint matters.  

LEARN MORE: For more information download the Backstop Admin Connect Data Sheet. 




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