Going Behind the Curtain on How Asset Managers Are Really Selected

BUC 2018: Behind the Curtain

The Backstop User Conference is discussing the road map on how asset managers are selected. As just one of the conference's many sessions, this particular topics hits home with so many industry professionals. 

The Conference is quickly filling with insights, expertise, and information no one should be without. The newest Thought Leadership panel discussion is a great example of showcasing the industry's hot topics. 

“Behind the Curtain: How Institutional Asset Owners Really Select Their Managers” will take attendees inside the process of manager selection. Panelists will detail processes including rationales for preferring small managers or larger managers, the criteria they utilize to evaluate candidates, proven strategies for success, and much more. 

What does your selection process look like? Where do you begin with your research? Showcasing a true Thought Leadership discussion, questions will be submitted prior to the panel ensuring content of value is really shared. It's a road map to manager selection.

This panel represents one session in two packed days of discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. The Backstop User Conference is June 6-7, in Chicago, IL.To share in on the insights and expertise of industry leaders, take a moment to register now


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