Backstop Home Base – Client Service: A New Way to Start and End Your Day – Every Day

What if the critical information you collect and share at Monday Morning Meetings became available to you ALL the time – with zero effort and hassle? “What if” for business development and investor relations professionals becomes “now you can” with Backstop Home Base. Each time you log in, you can see your top investor interactions, recent and upcoming meetings, opportunity pipeline, and more. Backstop Home Base displays everything you need to know, exactly the way you want to see it in real time. It also provides visibility into all the efforts you and your team bring to the firm.  


Here are four of the prospect and investor insights you will find on Backstop Home Base to start your day. 

1. Top Investor Interactions

See your top investor interactions and drill down for details so you can evaluate: 

  • Which prospects and investors are we spending the most time with? 
  • Which of these interactions are coming from our consultants? 
  • What types of activities are we engaging in for these top investors? 


2. Recent and Upcoming Activity

Get a snapshot of activity across the entire team over the next 14 days so you can quickly answer questions such as: 

  • How do we need to prepare for upcoming meetings and calls? 
  • What is currently being discussed with investors and prospects? 
  • Where do we need to collaborate to deliver the best client service?  


3. Opportunity Pipeline

Check the visual snapshot of your team’s opportunity pipeline to assess: 

  • Do we have any bottlenecks in the pipeline?   
  • What opportunities will be closing next month? 
  • Does a certain stage of the pipeline require additional attention and resources?


4. Document Feed

Preview a stream of key documents received from clients and prospects to action if necessary:  

  • What new subscription documents or redemption notices have we received that require attention? 
  • Do we have all the latest documents from our clients? 
  • Do we have all the documents to onboard a new investor? 


Get Ahead of the Curve

Spend less time finding data and more time reviewing, analyzing, and acting on information to best serve your prospects, clients, and your organization.  

Because each person on your team gets the exact insights they need for their role, your entire team can focus more effectively. That includes your organization’s leaders and executives: no more time wasted running reports because the key information is already accessible in real time. Now, that’s the way you want to start your every day. 

If you are a Backstop client, you can get early access to Backstop Home Base by indicating your interest below. 

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