Backstop Announces Launch of New Automation and Integration Solution, Backstop Integrator

Backstop Integrator unifies previously siloed data and syncs directly to Backstop, giving allocators and managers a 360° view that supports the entire investment and investor lifecycle

(Chicago, IL, June 15, 2021) – Backstop Solutions Group, the industry’s leading cloud-based productivity suite for institutional and alternative investors, today announced the launch of Backstop Integrator, which pulls data from disparate sources into Backstop, promoting accessibility, transparency and collaboration among team members. Backstop’s pre-built connectors enable fast integration with any data source, whether proprietary information resides on premises or is stored in the cloud.

Allocator professionals juggle vast streams of data from multiple systems, which include research, reporting and compliance. Each data set may be derived and stored with a different third-party application, which grants limited, if any, access to other team members. Similarly, investment managers, investor relations and business development professionals may track engagement with investors and limited partners, and later find it arduous to share insights, key interactions and critical data. Separate storage of this diverse data prevents team members from viewing the complete picture of their investors throughout their lifecycle.

Because this data is often kept in silos according to functional area or by the software program utilized, investment professionals may find gaps in the information accessible on a timely basis. Now, all of this data can be automatically ingested into Backstop via Backstop Integrator (or disseminated out). By connecting disparate applications with the Backstop platform, data becomes truly visible to every member of the team. With a 360° view of all information, investment professionals can more confidently develop new investment themes, form the basis of an investment decision or prepare for a call with an investor, among other high-value activities.

Additionally, valuable institutional knowledge is retained within the Backstop platform, even when professionals leave the firm.

Backstop Integrator offers our clients a way to bring all the critical information they depend on into Backstop, allowing decisions to be based on a more complete, accurate and real-time picture of their business. It allows a firm’s unlinked and sprawling data sets to be transformed into a streamlined and trustworthy asset, as opposed to a source of confusion, maintenance and stress. Teams spend an excessive amount of valuable time preparing data. Integrator helps overcome this challenge, shifting clients’ focus from how to manage a rapidly growing data set to how they can leverage their integrated knowledge to make faster, more confident and impactful decisions,” said Chris Anderson, Vice President, Solutions Consulting, Backstop Solutions Group.

“Investment managers are leveraging integrations to intake quantitative data from administrators and accounting systems, enhancing their understanding of investors through data retrieved from other qualitative record-keeping systems and improving client servicing with real-time alerts in the collaboration tools. Similarly, allocators are able to integrate forms that collect manager information, tie Backstop to different reporting solutions and synchronize other CRM solutions with Backstop across teams. All of these benefits are achieved with no requests to their technology team and delivered in weeks, not quarters,” Anderson added.

Backstop Integrator is designed to connect any third-party application with Backstop, with ready-made connections for thousands of applications to allow data to freely flow both into and out of Backstop to other applications. Bespoke configurations are also available to support investment professionals in their decision-making processes and interactions with investors.

About Backstop Solutions Group, LLC
Backstop’s mission is to help the institutional investment industry use time to its fullest potential. We develop technology to simplify and streamline otherwise time-consuming tasks and processes, enabling our clients to quickly and easily access, share, and manage the knowledge that is critical to their day-to-day business success. Backstop provides its industry-leading cloud-based productivity suite to investment consultants, pensions, funds of funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, private equity, hedge funds, and real estate investment firms.

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