Backstop offers several additional add-on solutions to complement our Backstop productivity suite.


Advanced Permissioning Module

Backstop's Advanced Permissioning Module allows administrative level users to restrict access to specific records, funds or accounts in the system. This added level of control goes beyond standard out-of-the box user permissions, and is mainly used by firms who have very specific information control policies or who need to silo data between their own internal teams.


PDF Watermarking

Preventing the re-distribution of sensitive information is a major priority for the alternative asset management industry. Backstop's Watermarking Module allows users to dynamically place a configurable "stamp" on outbound PDF attachments, as well as set copy and print restrictions to discourage forwarding and assist with compliance programs.


Backstop API

Backstop licenses a robust API to facilitate integration with other systems and external reporting engines, such as SSRS, Crystal Reports and OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition). This gateway provides users with a standard means of retrieving data stored in Backstop, as well as populating Backstop using a third-party system.


Advanced Liquidity

Backstop’s Advanced Liquidity Module (ALM) offers managers the ability to incorporate complex liquidity terms and calculations beyond Backstop’s already robust liquidity functionality. This industry-leading liquidity addition to Backstop’s Portfolio Management platform is ideal for handling sophisticated calculations that cannot be modeled in Excel, and comes with a suite of reports to analyze different types of portfolio and investor liquidity scenarios.


Partnership Allocation

Backstop's Partnership Allocation Module provides fund managers a powerful and flexible solution for managing and allocating portfolio income and expenses to investor accounts in onshore and offshore funds. The Partnership Allocation Module seamlessly integrates with Backstop and provides a comprehensive accounting solution for tracking redemptions and contributions, calculating fees, recording and allocating gains and losses, tracking expenses and producing account statements.


General Ledger

Backstop's General Ledger Module is a specialized double-entry accounting system that is fully integrated with the Backstop core accounting system. Implementation, configuration and customization of GL are supported by Backstop's accounting consultants, who have worked on the accounting operations of hundreds of funds and are familiar with common and atypical investor accounting situations.


Portfolio Planning

The Backstop Portfolio Planning Module allows users to construct and share customized portfolio scenarios based on target asset allocations. This powerful enhancement to Backstop's portfolio management software is the definitive solution for funds of funds, endowments, foundations, family offices and pensions for analyzing current portfolio allocations and testing various transaction scenarios.


Private Equity Module

The Backstop Private Equity Module offers enhanced portfolio and investment functionality for allocators who have private equity investments within their current portfolio, in addition to hedge fund investments. This feature is ideal for tracking paid/unpaid capital commitment amounts, dates and details, monitoring cash and stock distributions, tracking internal rates of return and running quarterly investment reports.

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