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Automating Due Diligence Communications and Transactions for Allocators

As an asset allocator, you are flooded with information. Each piece of information – each communication, each document, each transaction – must be collected, reviewed, tagged, filed, and processed. These manual tasks consume precious time and keep you and your team from focusing on your core work: managing your portfolios.

Now, you can eliminate unsustainable manual tasks, decrease document processing costs, increase your team’s efficiency and productivity, and optimize your due diligence processes through Backstop IntellX: a straight-through processing platform for fund documents and transactions that is built for the needs of busy investment and operations professionals.

IntellX Documents


IntellX Documents automatically searches for collects and downloads fund documents from email and web portal sources. Using robust machine learning capabilities and sophisticated classification methods, documents are then dynamically, tagged, translated, and filed in the Backstop platform.

  • Eliminate low-value tasks associated with due diligence documentation
  • Avoid critical information and events being overlooked
  • Enhance data accuracy, quality, and timeliness
  • Make documents and information accessible to anyone within the organization
  • Provide investors with on-demand access to investment information
IntellX Transactions

When IntellX Documents identifies a fund transaction within a document, it passes the information to IntellX Transactions. IntellX Transactions then loads current balances and cashflows into powerful calculation and reporting engines to reconcile the transaction in real-time.

  • Ensure that transactions are identified, processed, and reconciled quickly and accurately
  • Receive an alert only if a transaction cannot be automatically reconciled
  • Generate up-to-date portfolio analyses on demand

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