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Backstop Home Base: Research Management Insights at Your Fingertips

By Backstop Author

When you and your investment or research team get to the office, what do you want to see with that first sip of coffee? That’s easy: you want to stay informed on activities across the team, correspondence from managers, insights gathered from the field, and more to help determine where you may need to follow-up, reach out, or reprioritize.  

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The new Backstop Home Base puts that information at your fingertips with drag-and drop widgets purpose-built for you and your team’s roles, including:

  1. Top Engagement: Gain quick and easy visibility into which managers you or your team are speaking with at this moment.


  2. Recent and Upcoming Activity: Drill down into recent calls, meetings, and notes from fellow team members for greater collaboration.


  3. Investment Pipeline: Get a visual snapshot of your investment pipeline to identify bottlenecks and important next steps.


  4. Document Feed: Click instantly into PDFs from your document feed to preview partner letters, manager updates, correspondence and more.



With all this research management intelligence brought together on Backstop Home Base, you no longer have to navigate to different screens to search for the insights you want most. With less time spent finding data, you can spend more time reviewing and analyzing information – which is where your greatest value to your organization lies.  

Backstop Home Base Instantly Answers Key Questions  

Backstop Home Base provides the opportunity for chief investment officers, portfolio managers, the head of research, and heads of asset classes to conduct “pulse checks” at a moment’s notice – without relying on junior team members to run reports or gather information. This frees up time for everyone. Here is a selection of key questions Backstop clients are using Backstop Home Base to answer:  

For CIOs: ? 

  • What projects are the investment team actively working on and what is their status?  
  • What meetings are coming up that I want to participate in?? 
  • How healthy is the investment pipeline?  

For Heads of Research:  

  • Which managers are my team members spending time with?  
  • How long is it taking managers to get through the research process? 
  • What manager documents are available? 

?For Heads of Asset Classes:  

  • Who are my team members spending their time with? 
  • What is being learned on these calls? 
  • Which managers are in active diligence?
Get Ahead of the Curve 

The Backstop Home Base sets you up for success with a single pane of glass for insights – right when you log in.

If you are a Backstop client, you can be part of the early lineup for Backstop Home Base by indicating interest below.


By Backstop Author