BACKSTOP Admin Connect

Gain immediate access to Performance Reporting, Capital Activity, and Investor Balance Information to focus on strategic objectives.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you: Backstop delivers the fund data and insights you need so you can focus on providing the superior client service and transparency your investors deserve.

Features and Benefits

  • Arm your Investor Relations team with quality data
  • Put accurate, timely data at your fingertips
  • Ease resolution of discrepancies in administrators’ reports
  • Increase historical data integrity
  • Gain actionable insights to better serve your investors
  • Meet regulatory demands for data consistency, transparency, and accuracy
  • Improve operational efficiency and sustainable cost savings
  • Increase your firm’s scalability


With Backstop Admin Connect, your Investor Relations team gains a competitive edge by always being prepared for the next opportunity to serve your prospective and existing investors better.

CENTRALIZE DATA – Place comprehensive information at your fingertips to respond agilely and accurately to investor and regulatory calls for transparency.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY – Streamline your management of investor information, interactions, documentation, and communications to make the most of every minute.

NURTURE RELATIONSHIPS – Maximize the value of all your internal activities and external interactions to build investor trust and enhance satisfaction.

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