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Solving the Institutional Investment Industry’s Most Pressing Problems

From raising capital to servicing investors, from researching and diligencing managers to monitoring portfolios, both asset managers and asset owners have multiple demands on their time. Backstop’s purpose-built, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform helps the industry’s professionals maximize collaboration, preserve institutional memory, and ultimately, make better investment decisions. 

Business Development/IR Teams

Our Business Development/IR product line supports the capital-raising and retention needs of Capital-Raising, Marketing, Business Development, and Investor Relations teams.

Investment Teams

Backstop helps investment teams make better investment decisions. Our centralized platform provides a single source of truth for the qualitative and quantitative information needed to perform robust multi-asset class research and portfolio management.  

Operations Teams

Our any-to-any, API-based integration solutions help Operations teams get the data they need – fund documents, transactions, due diligence materials, and more - into Backstop, where it can be easily found at your fingertips. 

Accounting Teams

Our Backstop Accounting product line provides Accounting Teams serving multi-asset portfolios with a single source of truth to mitigate operational, fiduciary, and investment risks.
Backstop Research Management software on laptop

Who We Help

Investment managers and institutional asset owners rely on Backstop’s purpose-built solutions.

Backstop helps family offices, funds of funds, pensions, endowments, foundations, investment consultants and OCIOs, hedge funds, and private equity firms make the most of their time through better collaboration, information at their fingertips, and a single source of truth.

Backstop Capital-Raising Dashboards on iPad


Backstop’s industry-leading platform and software suite helps our clients get the most out of every minute.

We’re more than just a CRM. But our strong CRM underpinning is what helps us offer robust products that help our clients in the institutional investment industry remove barriers in their everyday work.

The Productivity Suite for the Institutional Investment Industry


Backstop's industry-leading information security capabilities protect institutional investors worldwide.
The Productivity Suite for the Institutional Investment Industry

Client Care

Backstop’s Professional Services and world-class Client Care team leverage our extensive experience to help you swiftly realize value and get the most out of our platform.
The Productivity Suite for the Institutional Investment Industry


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See What Our Customers Are Saying

“Backstop is very customizable…the client/marketing team has been able to build out our instance and do a lot with it. The support team is very responsive. The report builder has been extremely useful for our client team, and the ETK function even more so.”
- Katie Carroll
Alphadyne Asset Management
“The Backstop software is constantly evolving, and the team behind it does a great job of listening and working with their clients to make their experience better, improving Backstop's functionality. Most importantly, the people behind the software truly believe in their product.”
- Tim Forsythe
Boys Town
“I work in Backstop 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It is our document database and main data depository. It provides us with the tools we use on a daily basis to both analyze and house our data and all the documents that we receive. Besides ease of use, ease of reporting, and ease of viewing, the Backstop Support people are top of class.”
- Kathy McLean
"Backstop has been a great solution for our firm and working with Backstop has been a great experience since the very beginning."
- Jono Swanson
Carmel Partners
GTIS Partners
"Backstop is the most flexible and intuitive CRM system I've used."
- Maria Szabo
GTIS Partners
“By using Backstop, our managers can easily access financial information and analysis anytime when making investment decisions.”
- Camilla Burke
“Follow up very responsive and creative with solutions. Client focused.”
- Paul Schultz
Kayak Investment Partners LLC
“It fills a huge void we had in tracking managers, contacts and performance. User friendly, responsive support.
- Matt Orr
Koch Industries Inc
“It is an excellent product, allowing us to effectively "mirror" our Trustee record keeping; which provides us the ability to reconcile and identify any potential errors and strengthens our level of assurance.”
- Rosele Watro
“Backstop allows us to maintain the organization’s memory. Turnover is an unavoidable truth in any institution. As people go, they take with them crucial knowledge. Backstop is how we can mitigate this…the system helps to keep track of all the conversations we have and all the people we have them with.”
- Mark Montoya
“I have used several other systems in my days and this one is by far the best, most tailored to the asset management industry and with the most user-friendly features.”
- Julie Platt Smith
Sound Point Capital
The University of Tennessee
“Breadth of functionality. Quality of customer service. Strong focus on innovation, product improvement, and customer needs.”
- Rip Mecherle
University of Tennessee
“Great relational database for information tracking, contact management, client management, distribution, and accounting.”
- Chris Arends
Voyager Management
Compliance Advisory Firm

“Backstop is a key client engagement tool within our advisory business. Their customized software configurability and flexibility, along with client service, have made Backstop a key partner for our firm.”

- David Gold
Optima Partners
“Backstop is very customizable…the client/marketing team has been able to build out our instance and do a lot with it. The support team is very responsive. The report builder has been extremely useful for our client team, and the ETK function even more so.”
- Katie Carroll
Company Name

Turning Mazes into Highways

We believe the opposite of efficiency is complexity. To us, barriers and backtracking are fatal to getting things done. So when we see labyrinths where there should be thoroughfares and mazes where there should be highways, we do something about it.

Institutional investors are wasting almost a day each week.

New research reveals how they're spending their time. 
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