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25% of All Documents Processed by Allocators Happen in the Spring

By Backstop Author

By: Andy Phillips, VP of Data Products, Backstop Solutions Group

Rain showers aren’t the only deluge taking place this quarter.

Recently, we analyzed over 80,000 fund documents processed for allocators by Backstop IntellX in 2021 and found that allocators are drowning in document processing this time of year.

The Spring document deluge happens between April 3 and May 28 (weeks 14-21) of each year, during which allocators receive nearly 25% of all documents processed annually.

This data also predicts more heavy inflows from August 7 to September 10 and from November 13 to December 17.



If your investment operations team manually processes documents and transactions from managers, you are likely underwater during the “deluge” periods. Our client at Georgia Tech Foundation found that when just 2-3 people were manually processing documents, it added up to 40 hours each month lost to this work. And that’s just a small team. Our general research found that 84% of time is spent on this work.

Their team found a way to get that time back with straight-through processing of fund documents using Backstop IntellX.

This is the four-step process of Backstop IntellX:22-04_BSG-DS_IntellX-Diagram


“As Backstop IntellX replaces the manual work to log in and locate the data, the foundation’s team can focus on value-add tasks,” – Megan McDougall, senior investment operations analyst at Georgia Tech Foundation.

To learn more, access the Backstop + Georgia Tech Foundation case study.

By Backstop Author