The allure of cryptocurrency for investing can be summed up in a few lines: it represents disruptive new application of blockchain technology, culminating in a fundamentally new kind of asset, and with it, the birth of a new investable asset class. Cryptocurrency is not a stock nor a bond. It is not a company with financial statements and cash flows. It is not a traditional commodity like gold or oil. It’s an asset entirely unto it’s own, where valuation continues to evolve, and with it the use cases, networks and macro narratives through which the ultimate value will be determined. These unknowns do hold potential risk — but they also hold tremendous opportunity.

To harness the opportunities that cryptocurrency represents, you as an investor must have a sound working knowledge of this innovative asset class. That should include an understanding of what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, what factors to consider from an investment standpoint, and which strategies align with your investment goals and risk framework

Download the white paper we authored with the help of institutional crypto investment manager, BlockTower Capital.