Backstop Mercer Workshop: The Most Important Investment a CIO Can Make

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If you ask a CIO what their most important asset is, chances are, they will say it's "their people.” If that is the case, then the most important investment that a CIO can make is one that makes the most of their team’s time, creativity, and collaboration.

Technology and data play an important role in making the most of a team’s time, creativity, and collaboration – ultimately, it defines work culture and can help CIOs establish a better place to work.

In this workshop, Backstop joined forces with Mercer to examine how CIOs can create a better work culture with the right technology and data platforms.

Key Takeaways for CIOs and COOs:

  • How to leverage technology and data to improve workplace culture and collaboration – even during remote working
  • How to use technology and data to increase consistency, which improves transitions and preserves organizational memory
  • How to ascertain what “effective data” means for the various players on your team, as well as how to deliver it to them in a remote work environment

Download the webinar recording to learn more.