Productivity Solutions for Real Estate Investment Fund Managers

Real estate funds are hampered by process inefficiencies that affect everything from data to communications to reporting. Backstop eliminates these inefficiencies with a comprehensive productivity solution that empowers real estate organizations to consolidate all of their qualitative and quantitative data into one centralized database, support their capital-raising cycle, and track all contacts and interactions effortlessly.



Fuel fundraising efforts with easy tracking and maintenance of capital pipelines, using technology purpose-built for real estate



Work smarter, not harder, by managing investors, fundraising, deal tracking, portfolio management and asset monitoring from the same platform



Provide world-class investor servicing by leveraging superior data management with information at the fingertips

Software Solutions Brief for Real estate funds


Read more about how Backstop's tailored software-as-a-service solutions for real estate provide flexibility while driving optimized business decisions.


Success Story: GTIS Partners

Learn how Backstop helps this rapidly-growing real assets investment firm professionalize and automate data collection and distribution.



Business Development/IR Team Solutions for Real Estate

Backstop’s outstanding CRM and investor relations capabilities coupled with a dynamic, secure online investor portal ensure that every interaction you have with prospects and investors drives satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Choose Backstop business development/IR solutions – because every investor touchpoint matters.

Backstop CRM

Backstop’s powerful CRM creates the perfect foundation for tracking all contacts and related interactions. Fund managers can track and share notes, meetings, calls and documents, and build activity reports and lists by location, relationship strength, or other attributes.


Backstop’s capital-raising capabilities empower fund managers to easily track and manage all associated activities during the capital-raising cycle. With a solid foundation for tracking all contacts and related interactions, business development teams can gain real-time insights into pipelines and better manage interest levels, investor types, and investment probabilities.

Backstop IR

Backstop’s Investor Relations platform allows real estate fund managers to consolidate all LP qualitative and quantitative data into one centralized database. This provides the ability to track LP balances at both the individual and fund level, analyze LP and fund performance metrics such as IRR, multiples and PME's, and create and distribute personalized call notices and statements.

Backstop Investor Portal

The Backstop Investor Portal provides a secure and branded outlet for investor documents distribution and prospect marketing. Importantly, the Backstop Portal is securely and tightly integrated with the Backstop Capital Raising and Portfolio Management capabilities.

Leverage the information and insights you need to achieve success! Backstop’s Investment Team solutions help you optimize your deal pipeline and manage your real estate portfolio – all while enabling collaboration and  boosting transparency. 

Deal Pipeline Management

Backstop combines data, document, reporting, and pipeline capabilities for holistic deal pipeline management. This quantitative and qualitative support helps institutionalize the investment process and generates insights into which deal source relationships are most productive.

Backstop Portfolio Management

Backstop’s portfolio management solution enables end-to-end tracking, monitoring of investments, and better understanding of risk exposure, IRR, multiples, and PME's. Its centralized model management process allows new financial models to be introduced or updated in a timely and efficient manner. Real estate fund managers can quickly evaluate a portfolio across any relevant attribute or benchmark.

Let us optimize your data operations and deliver accurate, timely data to you from multiple data sources and turn them into actionable insights. Gain a competitive edge by always being prepared for the next opportunity to better serve your prospective and existing investors.

Backstop Admin Connect

Backstop Admin Connect delivers accurate, timely data into the Backstop platform that – combined with our powerful Report Builder – delivers actionable insights. Fund managers gain immediate access to Performance Reporting, Capital Activity, and Investor Balance information, helping them focus on strategic objectives.

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