When It Comes to Reporting, Setting & Forgetting Is Best

It’s an exceptionally hectic Monday. Your morning commute was snarled, your usual cup of coffee was polluted with the wrong creamer, and now you’re scrambling to make your weekly business development meeting. By the time you print off your prospective investors/opportunities report and dash in, it’s far too late to fix the fields that you just noticed you forgot to fill out during the week.

Or, you have a portfolio manager who hasn’t received the latest Capital Activity or Investor Commitment report. Because your last week has been a circus, you forgot to run the report and email it to her.  Now she’s on the phone with you, and…not happy, to put it euphemistically.

Sound familiar?

There’s a better way. With our latest enhancement to Backstop reporting, you can now take advantage of scheduled reports.

  • Automate the delivery of reports to anyone you like: yourself or a team member.
  • Automatically run and email yourself the weekly opportunities or your portfolio manager the desired reports on specific dates, at specific intervals, or for specific days of the week.
  • To prevent missing fields, send yourself an “exception” report every Friday to ensure that all necessary data points on new opportunities have been filled out.
  • For easy data consumption, embed the report directly into the email body so you can scan through it at a glance.

In other words, free your mind. Set it and forget it. 

If you would like more information about Backstop’s new “Scheduled Reports” functionality, please contact your Relationship Manager or Backstop Support at (312) 277-7702 (support@backstopsolutions.com).






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