Introducing the Portal Notice Acknowledgement Tool.

Client Communication Transformed

Investors’ expectations for speed and transparency are rising, while regulatory demands are expanding and evolving. Effective, streamlined client communication has never been more vital.

Now, you must comply with an IRS regulation that requires end users to consent to receiving K1 statements electronically – an activity handled manually, by sending letters and emails. 

And, to collect client payments electronically, you have to get clients to complete an ACH Authorization form. 

Of course, you have additional client communication needs, outside of regulatory requirements. For example, perhaps you’d like to invite clients or prospects to an event, and you want to track the success of the invitation campaign as well as client RSVPs. 

At Backstop, we’re committed to giving clients the information and tools they need to work more effectively and efficiently - so they can serve their own clients better, faster, and more thoroughly. 

A revolution in client communication.

Backstop’s new Portal Notice Acknowledgment tool empowers you to deliver robust service and efficient communication to your clients.  The tool enables local admins to create pop-ups that display content of any kind. It enables you to post clear, concise messages, so your users can easily opt in to receive their K1 statements online, reply to an event invitation, and much more.  The portal can even track and store the information the end user has consented to, simplifying the audit process. 

Now, you can store, track, and even relaunch all campaigns, such as a Notification Acknowledgment Submissions for K-1 campaign, or an event campaign.  When you incorporate the new Portal Notice Acknowledgment tool into your firms’ workflow, you’ll tap into these benefits:

  • Increased visibility – the portal will be the first thing your clients see after logging in to your site, immediately catching their attention
  • Direct traffic to targeted content – generate clicks and opt-in activity for due diligence, marketing, and client communication easily and effectively.
  • Instant feedback from end users -  immediate communication means immediate feedback.
  • More robust metrics - any additional document management and reporting taking place outside of the Backstop Portal can be exported to Excel.

To learn more about how the new Portal Notice Acknowledgment tool can benefit you, just give us a call at (312) 277-7702, or email us at We’d be happy to have an expert representative guide you through the process.

Step-step-by instructions are also available under the Support & Configuration tab in the Portal Admin site.




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