Institutional Investment Firms Can Boost Cybersecurity and Resilience by Getting Back to Basics

Institutional investment firms handle a tremendous volume of personally identifiable information (PII) and money, both of which make them very attractive to cybercriminals. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Head of IT, or Head of Security at your firm, one of your top priorities is to ensure cybersecurity and resilience – and at Backstop, we want to help you do that by sharing insights from our own VP of Information Security, Michael Neuman. 

Michael is a contributor to the recently-released ebook Back To Basics: Focusing on the fundamentals to boost cybersecurity and resilience. This ebook is a joint project that features the experience and perspective of twenty-one industry leaders in security, operations, product, and privacy. In the ebook (pages 124-133), Michael provides insight on how to: 

  • Establish a solid security organization, whether you are starting from scratch or building on an existing foundation. 
  • Embrace proven tactics and methods as well as some of the newest items on the market for a robust security posture.  
  • Avoid the trap of “must-have” tools and choose options that can be more effective for your firm and come with a lower price tag. 
  • Draw on the community of security practitioners to develop great strategies for building a strong program.  
  • Address the broader business perspective to gain support for your security initiatives.  
  • Empower your people and encourage innovation to achieve optimal business outcomes.  

The learnings and models presented in the ebook can be readily used by security and technology leaders at institutional investment firms across the spectrum of organizational maturity to evolve an adequate security posture.  

You can read the e-book free of charge here 




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