How the Hillman Company Preserved a Long-Lasting Legacy

As one of the most successful family offices in the nation, the senior team at the Hillman Company wanted to leave behind a legacy that would stand the test of time.

Their first step?

Establishing a purpose-built system to give their investment team a holistic view of investor relationships, including performance, calculations, and interactions.

About the Hillman Company

With an emphasis on private equity, venture capital, growth equity, and energy, The Hillman Company is a fully integrated family office and global investment holding company. 

Besides maintaining robust relationships with fund managers, Hillman also focuses on the longevity of their processes and their institution. 

This philosophy has been the catalyst for opportunities that would not otherwise be available to other institutional investors.

So, given their focus on building not only long-term relationships but also ensuring a seamless transition for future company leadership, implementing a CRM system was a must. 

Adding Value to Investment Teams and Supporting Investor Relations

Hillman initially chose a Salesforce solution.

However, within a few years, they realized they needed more.

“Ultimately, Salesforce is a CRM that would fit the needs of many organizations. You can spend a lot of time and money customizing Salesforce to your individual company’s needs and get the solutions you are seeking. In contrast, Backstop is specifically tailored to the needs of the investment industry. You don’t have to tinker with the product — you can just start to use it and immediately reap the benefits.” - Andrew McQuarrie, Vice President of Accounting and Information Services

Utilizing Backstop, Hillman could:

  • Establish a single point of access for all institutional knowledge, process documentation, and investment data
  • Provide the needed visibility to support fund manager relationships
  • Create a clear and concise institutional knowledge base to ensure critical information stays within the organization

Now, the Hillman Company has a complete 360-degree view of their relationships and a solid framework to better manage and develop specific investor relationships. 

To read more about how the Hillman Company cemented a long-lasting legacy of superior quality and preserved this coveted institution for generations to come while leveraging Backstop, download their full success story.




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