Freeing Up Time and Resources at Freestone Capital

With more than $4.8 billion in assets under management and offices in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara, Freestone Capital is one of the larger wealth management companies on the West Coast. It’s also one of the most progressive. Backstop Solutions has been a partner in that progressive advance for ten years, boosting operational efficiencies and supporting investment management in innumerable ways.

The company turned to Backstop originally to address shortcomings associated with the customer relationship management (CRM) tool they were using as well as the difficulties they were having with file sharing. Backstop’s web-based solution swiftly satisfied these needs – but the benefits didn’t stop there. “Backstop comes out with new functionality every year,” states Sean Carr, Senior Associate – Investments at Freestone. “Our implementation has continued to grow and develop over time.”

Today, Freestone Capital relies on Backstop to create automated reports to track interactions with investors, partners, and managers. Documents – including call notes and emails – are directed automatically to the correct contacts across the company. The investment team also uploads values, transactions, and performance data into Backstop to make the execution of their duties smooth, manageable, and productive. Custom layouts enable the team to track different types of data for different types of investments. Sean notes, “As long as we’re updating the data diligently every quarter, we can just hit refresh on these reports and we have a perfectly formatted report of everything we care about for all of our investments.”

Sean concludes, “If it weren’t for Backstop, I don’t entirely know what my world would look like.”

Learn more about how Freestone Capital uses Backstop to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by reading the full case study here.




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