Extreme Makeover: Backstop UI/UX Edition

An increasing drumbeat is sounding across the institutional investment industry for productivity solutions that are easy to use. You’ve probably beat that drum more than a few times yourself. After all, you probably interact with applications like Google and Amazon every day in your personal life that are a breeze, giving you what you want with simplicity and clarity ... why should your work environment be any different?

At Backstop Solutions Group, we agree with you 100%. That is why the latest embodiment of our customer-driven innovation is a fresh user interface (UI) that delivers a radically-improved user experience (UX).

We have been tracking societal and technology trends and listening carefully to what our customers say they want and need to do their jobs faster and better. Now we have taken those learnings and folded them into the next evolution of the Backstop platform. The result is a UI that minimizes the time you spend on your tools and maximizes the time you spend on your goals.

Our new UI reestablishes a simple experience undergirded by all the power baked into the data and capabilities that abound across Backstop. It empowers you to work efficiently through:

  • Streamlined navigation via a modern visual interface to give you quick access to pages and tools across Backstop
  • Increased functionality of the tools you use the most to make your mission-critical tasks easier to accomplish
  • Easier access to the data you rely on every day to make informed decisions faster and better than ever

For example, we have enhanced our menus so that if you need to see them, they are there. If you don’t, you can collapse and hide them. We have made it easy to jump to a different view or activity so that you don’t waste time scrolling and hunting for options. We have highlighted the information that is most valuable to you through the use of colors, dials, and graphics. We have made our UI highly compatible with the world outside your enterprise to keep the data you need flowing freely.

At its core, our new UI is about two things: getting you where you want to go as quickly as possible and, once you are there, elevating critical information to put the insights you need at your fingertips. For instance, our new entity navigation expands and collapses regardless of scroll, keeping your information and access to it all within a single view, while new activity screens provide a much more intuitive path to data entry and review with more ways to get to info faster.

The time-tested power of the Backstop platform is made even more potent with our new UI. Everything from routine daily tasks to holistic assessments of firm and fund performance is easier, faster, and better. But don’t take our word for it. When it comes to an excellent user experience, seeing is believing. We welcome you to experience it for yourself!




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