Asset Owners: Rise Above The Noise With Increased Visibility

As an institutional asset owner, this scenario may be nauseatingly familiar: several days have passed since the end of the quarter, and you still haven’t received the quarterly follow up from all of your investment managers.  In fact, you expect all of your investment managers to send you regular monthly check-in correspondence, and every month, this one is late.  How are you supposed to adhere to your institution’s compliance policies or review key performance portfolio indicators?

Here’s another unpleasant scenario: it’s the second Tuesday of the month, and your investment team is meeting at 9 o’clock to go over any fund changes and upcoming portfolio liquidity events in the next 30 days.  However, they haven’t received the report showing the Key Performance Indicators breaching expected bands in a timely fashion, and the meeting becomes an all-out scramble.  Without the missing fields flagged and filled out in advance, this wastes everyone’s time.

These days, your inbox is deluged with data. All the information overload on top of the exhaustive fiduciary and regulatory requirements is overwhelming and may be putting you at risk of missing key information, or even making interpretive errors.

There’s a better way:  our latest enhancement to Backstop reporting lets you schedule reports ahead of time for regular delivery during the windows most convenient for you. It’s yet another way we’re offering our asset owner clients increased visibility into the data they most need. With scheduled reports, you can:

  • Automate the delivery of reports to your email at both specific times and occurrences.
  • Send yourself only reports with relevant information, so queries that produce no results will not clutter up your inbox.
  • For easy data consumption, embed the report directly into the email body so you can scan through it at a glance.

We’re giving you higher confidence in your business processes by delivering the information you need, when you need it. Rise above the noise that constantly surrounds you and take back control.  If you would like more information about Backstop’s new “Scheduled Reports” functionality, please contact your Relationship Manager or Backstop Support at (312) 277-7702 or





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