What Are Alternative Investment Professionals Expecting?

The best way to understand the outlook for alternative investments in the coming year is to ask the industry’s most respected professionals. Our November 3, 2016 industry event in New York City provided an exceptional opportunity to do just that.

During the event, we surveyed both alternative investment allocators and managers to gather data that would enable us to assess their expectations of the opportunities and challenges 2017 will present. Here’s a brief overview of what we learned (full results are in our free infographic, which you can download here).

Respondents – the group included a wide range of firm types, with Hedge Funds constituting slightly over one-third of all surveyed.


The biggest challenges 2017 will present – Market conditions topped the list, with operational efficiencies drawing a very close second.


The outlook for 2017 returns – Private Equity firms held the most positive outlook for their 2017 returns, while Funds of Funds firms were more neutral.

Blog - 2017 Investment Outlook Survey - Returns.png

The pace of hedge fund redemptions – When asked whether they believed hedge fund redemptions would continue at the current pace in 2017, survey participants largely answered "Yes."


Outsourcing functions – While half of participants do not outsource any functions, of those who do, nearly 68% are managers. Only 15% of allocator firms outsourced one or more functions.


You’ll find more detailed results in the full infographic, such as the answer to, "Which function is outsourced most often by alternative investment industry firms?" Download  your free copy of the infographic.

If you have questions, or would like any additional information, please contact us at your convenience.




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