Does Expiring Documents Make You Want to “Expire?”


Everything has an expiration date these days: eggs, milk, sunscreen…and in our world, sensitive investor documents. Relying on our gray cells to keep track of documents and their varying expiration dates is a failing proposition. Case in point for the alternative investment industry: having to remember the documents that need to be disabled, then having to update the file metadata to disable them, and then refreshing those documents in their investor portal to reflect those updates is a massive time sink.

This is why we’re excited to announce a new tool for our Backstop Portal clients. We released “User Access Management” earlier this year to let our clients set “expiration dates” on user access, and now we’re following that up with the launch of a new timesaving resource, “Manage Documents.” “User Access Management” enabled our clients to select individuals and set expiration dates on their access. Now, Backstop Portal administrators can do the same thing with documents. With just a single click, they can select documents and schedule them to expire on a date they specify ahead of time. When the expiration date comes along, the document becomes inaccessible, with no further work on their part.


If you’re a Backstop Portal client that wants to learn more about how the enhanced User Access Management and Documents tools work, just give us a call at (312) 277-7702, email us at, or look under the Support & Configuration tab in your Portal Admin site.  We’ll be happy to walk you through it. Expire away!




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