Your Contacts, Your Way: Configuring How You Create Data

Backstop is the most flexible, agile productivity suite available to the alternative investment industry today.  Empowering users across multiple verticals to get more done in less time is of crucial importance to us, but more importantly, we speak their language. Things like field and entity names, or report titles, may be unique to a particular firm, and this is where Backstop comes to shine.

Our newest tool enables users to customize the platform to align with their own nomenclature.

With the Entity Definition Manager (EDM), local administrators can now change the definition of an entity's fields to match their own standard language. When changes are made in the EDM, they’re also reflected within the Field Picker. The Field Picker is leveraged in Report Builder and in Upload Tools, as well as when creating Custom Entity Pages.

With Custom Entity Pages, local administrators can revise the "Summary" view for a contact. This will also update the edit and creation screens. The result is a streamlined, simplified contact creation process.

Now, every Backstop user can rename system-standard fields in the platform, and even hide fields altogether. You’ll see these actions reflected in reports, and on entity screens in Backstop. You’ll be able to redefine the views on Contacts, enabling you to add custom fields and remove some of the system-standard fields you’d prefer to not see at creation time.

Not only does the EDM empower users to make these changes now, it serves as a Launchpad for further enhancements. Adding Opportunities and Funds into this tool increases our flexibility, and allows us to venture into new territory, like Entity Subclasses. We can also explore field-level permissions and entity subclass-specific fields and screens. The possibilities with this new tool are endless, and we have an exciting road ahead.

 While all of these time-saving tools will be available to local administrators through a regular release, we strongly suggest reaching out to Support, RM, or PSG prior to making changes in your system.

 With the new Entity Definition Manager, you have another powerful way to make the most of your time, and ensure the Backstop platform truly speaks your language.




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