Efficient management of the capital-raising cycle for Business Development Teams

To fulfill your capital-raising mandate, you and your business development team need to be able to gather, view, and analyze data in real-time. Only by doing so can you prioritize opportunities, drive efficiencies, and maximize outcomes.

Backstop’s capital-raising solutions deliver data to you when and how you need it, enabling your business development team to inject as much capital as possible into your fund. Our fundraising capabilities allow for easy tracking, monitoring, and management of capital pipelines and associated activities during the capital-raising cycle. Business development managers can readily manage interest levels, investor types, and investment probabilities, and create and share pipeline reports to measure sales effectiveness.

Capital-Raising Dashboards


Capital-Raising Dashboards give you the real-time data, analytics, and insights you need to answer important questions on the fly. With enhanced, data-driven decision-making, you gain the ability to focus the right resources on the right opportunities at the right time. By using Capital-Raising Dashboards, you can answer operational questions such as:

  • What’s my conversion rate?
  • How healthy is my pipeline?
  • Who are my top performers?

Capital-Raising Dashboards also help you answer strategic questions, including:

  • What types of investors do we have the most success with for each product line?
  • What types of new products have the most demand?
  • Where are our best introductions coming from?
Pipeline Manager


Do you want to raise capital the smart way or the hard way? The hard way involves wrestling with multiple spreadsheets on shared drives. The smart way is to use Backstop’s Pipeline Manager. With Pipeline Manager, you and your business development team can get out of spreadsheet purgatory and view pipeline information directly, slicing and dicing data by team member, geography, lead source, expected close date, opportunity stage, probability, and more. Pipeline Manager empowers you to easily answer crucial questions such as:

  • What’s in my pipeline?
  • What is my pipeline worth?
  • Which opportunities are closest to closing?
  • Which deals should I prioritize?
  • How can I most efficiently work my pipeline by geography or territory?
  • Which opportunities are past due?

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